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What is the green collar crew?

Green Collar Crew (GCC) is a Home Performance Contracting Network offering true third party Comprehensive Home Energy & Health Audits in the Charlotte, North Carolina region.  We DO NOT sell a product but rather offer you concrete solutions to whatever home performance problems we identify.  We know however that some clients would prefer that we help them ensure quality retrofitting so GCC also offers project consulting, inspections and final diagnostic testing for all Home Retrofitting Services to ensure your home is more energy efficient, healthy and safe, comfortable, durable and environmentally responsible.  You can therefore perform your own retrofitting or work with our Network of the best home performance contractors in the industry from project design to final testing.
Green Collar Crew also provides accredited Building Performance Institute Inc. (BPI) and HERS training and certification for energy auditors and home performance contractors.

Do you need a home energy audit or energy saving retrofitting services?

A Comprehensive Home Energy & Health Audit utilizing state-of-the-art building science inspection and diagnostic techniques is your best first step. GCC follows a house-as-a-system approach to identify the causes of problems in your home and determine comprehensive solutions.

Once you receive an Audit and develop a weatherization and retrofitting Action Plan with our Auditor, you are ready to create your high performance home. Whether you want to implement simple energy saving measures, create a healthier living environment for your family, remodel or build a green home from scratch, the Green Collar Crew can help you sort through the options and guide you toward the most effective solutions.

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